Vehicle service and workshop

We offer repair and maintenance services, such as:
  • on-site and mobile sale of spare parts
  • a car wash, a 60-ton vehicle scale
  • repair of engines, gearboxes
  • repair of suspension axles
  • repair of steering systems, braking systems, including ABS, EBS
  • repair of pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well as air compressors
  • repair of car electronics
  • repair of trailers and semitrailers
  • towing and low-loader transport
  • repairs and maintenance of tanks
  • welding of aluminium, stainless steel
We also have our own service vehicle, thanks to which we are able to repair a vehicle that has broken down also on the road in Poland.

Service 24

We provide professional service and professional 24h service


MARZOLL began its activity in 1999 providing services in the field of transporting goods on international roads.


Company's office
Stalmacha street 2b
43-417 Kaczyce

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