Professional technical inspections of tanks

Technical inspections - preparation of road tanks intended for transport of hazardous materials according to ADR for indirect, periodic and ad hoc inspections in the Transport Technical Supervision.

We carry out detailed tests

The tests include, among others:
  • repair of tanks and fittings
  • repair, inspections of trans-shipment hoses
  • pressure and hydraulic tests of tank containers and unloading pipes
  • repair, checking and adjusting of breathing, safety or vacuum valves
  • measurements of tank wall thickness
  • testing the efficiency of the system of optical sensors for maximum filling
  • electrical measurements
  • measurements of oxygen content and explosive substances inside the tank
  • neutralization of the vapour inside the tank

Technical revisions of tanks

Professional technical inspections of tanks


MARZOLL began its activity in 1999 providing services in the field of transporting goods on international roads.


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