ADR transport

MARZOLL specializes in international transport of liquid chemical products. We are able to transport most of liquid chemical products, such as resins, solvents, adhesives, latexes, acids.


We propose our customers:
  • transport of cargoes by thermally insulated chemical tanks with a capacity from 30 to 35 m3
  • transport of cargoes by standard tanks with a capacity of 30 m3
  • carriage of cargoes by tank containers with a capacity from 30 to 33 m3
  • - operation of transport using a modern transport fleet,EURO 5 semi-trailer trucks
All our vehicles are equipped in full ADR equipment. Our drivers have many years of experience in the transport of dangerous goods by tanks.

Transport of liquid chemical products department

Safe and legal ADR transport


MARZOLL began its activity in 1999 providing services in the field of transporting goods on international roads.


Company's office
Stalmacha street 2b
43-417 Kaczyce

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